Hayleys Aesthetics

Our Work

Hayley Epton, the owner of Hayley’s Aesthetics, launched a beauty brand focused around providing services in a modern, clean and clinical environment. Since the brand was new, there was no prior website to draw from.

Developing the brand from scratch with a tone and style perfectly suited to beauty clients, we designed the perfect place to showcase her services and allow people to book consultations & financed services online.


Our Approach

Hayley’s Aesthetics needed to launch with a website that oozed brand values. Consumer confidence in the hygiene and quality standard was paramount to the ex-nurse founder.


We designed a bright purchasing platform.

We chose design elements and imagery that easily conveyed the high standard and clinical cleanliness of the proposition.

Since beauty consumers often have a preferred supplier, we need the design and content to convey the benefits of making a switch.

Lastly, clients needed to be able to book and finance their appointments seamlessly on the website, so we ensured the journey was intuitive.

The result is a powerful booking engine that speaks to the customer in their language.


The Verdict

Explore our pristine design that perfectly highlights the brand values of this medical-grade beauty brand.