Our Work

Hostingly is a trusted web services provider with a long history of providing gold-standard website hosting. They enjoy custom from a wide range of clients, so providing simple integrations and clear content was paramount.

Due to the nature of their services, this project had many complex requirements and integrations that needed to be built to offer their range of products in an easy-to-buy manner.


Our Approach

Hostingly needed to integrate a range of third party services in order to offer a simple platform for its web hosting customers. Other features like automatic setup software and client portals would need to be created from a blank canvas.


We built them a powerful storefront and client interface.

We ensured that every element was simple for their average consumer to understand and use without needing to contact support.

We worked on pricing and bundles to easily meet the needs of their clients with an intuitive buying journey and we built a world-class client portal for simple access to their purchased services.

Lastly, we tested each integration for stage compatibility ensuring that each piece worked regardless of when it was purchased.

The result is a sleeping giant of a website with a simple storefront and a complex and powerful backend.


The Verdict

Check out the hidden complexity of website hosting brands, Hostingly’s powerful client portal and front end shop.