IT Assist

Our Work

IT Assist has been saving companies large and small from IT disasters for many years. For a long time, their overt superhero branding served them well. It showed off their fun, modern approach to a typically boring field.

However, as they grew, they began to attract more blue-chip clients. They felt it was time to evolve the superhero aesthetic into one that was more appropriate for the very corporate audiences that had started to visit.


Our Approach

IT Assist needed to grow up. Our expert team of designers and copywriters worked to evolve the brand without losing touch with their jargon-free USP.


We gave them a professional makeover.

Our team focused on their key customer and designed layouts, moulded copy and commissioned imagery that would bring the brand into a more professional light.

We worked on customer education, both about what the services are and how they are performed. We wanted to arm them with all the tools required to make an immediate purchasing decision.

The result is a website that is more appealing to a corporate audience and provides more information to convert buyers quickly.


The Verdict

Check our updated design that’s now perfectly suited to the corporate purchaser with simple-to-understand service content