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Platinum Interiors

Platinum Interiors is guided by the principle that the key to great interior design is the ability to capture the aspirations of the client and harmonise these with every inch of available space.

The problem is that their website didn’t speak to those aspirations. The Platinum Interiors website was old and outdated. It didn’t properly showcase their breadth of experience with modern design.

DTS plumbing

DTS Plumbing and Heating Services LTD was established in 2014 and has a load of satisfied customers in the Sheffield area. They pride themselves on the quality of work and service they provide, but their website didn’t serve them well in this regard.

The DTS site was old and outdated. They’d been in the marketplace for years and had collected tons of glowing reviews, but their old site had no way to showcase these. It was also hard to navigate and the services on offer were not easily apparent.


IT Assist has been saving companies large and small from IT disasters for many years. For a long time, their overt superhero branding served them well. It showed off their fun, modern approach to a typically boring field.

However, as they grew, they began to attract more blue-chip clients. They felt it was time to evolve the superhero aesthetic into one that was more appropriate for the very corporate audiences that had started to visit.

Implant Solutions

Implant Solutions sells compatible implant components and class-leading software solutions to the dental industry. They bring unrivalled sales and technical support to enable dentists and technicians to achieve the ultimate restorative results for their clients.

They needed a build from scratch. The perfect portal to showcase a wide range of brands and products with enough detail to convert an educated buying audience very quickly.

Hayleys Aesthetics

Hayley Epton, the owner of Hayley’s Aesthetics, launched a beauty brand focused around providing services in a modern, clean and clinical environment. Since the brand was new, there was no prior website to draw from.

Developing the brand from scratch with a tone and style perfectly suited to beauty clients, we designed the perfect place to showcase her services and allow people to book consultations & financed services online.