Platinum Interiors

Our Work

Platinum Interiors is guided by the principle that the key to great interior design is the ability to capture the aspirations of the client and harmonise these with every inch of available space.

The problem is that their website didn’t speak to those aspirations. The Platinum Interiors website was old and outdated. It didn’t properly showcase their breadth of experience with modern design.


Our Approach

They wanted to bring their website into the future and beyond their competitors, allow for online booking and improve their overall website aesthetics.


We made it happen.

Through an overhaul of their existing design and addition of online booking functionality, the new site began to take shape. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure the imagery and copywriting accurately reflected their brand identity.

The result is a stunning, modern portal that delights their clients each day.


The Verdict

The owner of this stunning interior designer showroom wanted a website that not only reflected their business but also made it exceptionally easy for customers to get in touch.
We reworked it from the ground up into a world-class interior design portfolio